SOMARHYTHMS: Refining Somatic Awareness by Rolling, Falling and Balancing with Large Balls

Ninoska Gómez
Estudio Los Almendros
Director and Founder

  • Dancer, teacher and researcher of popular Latin-American dances.
  • Psychologist, Ph.D., Doctorate in Developmental Psychology.
  • Full-time tenured professor and researcher for 19 years in the Physical Education Department of the University of Montreal, Montreal, province of Québec, Canada.
  • Student of the somatic education approach, BODY-MIND CENTERING ® since 1982.
  • Creator of the SOMARHYTHMS’ approach for the use of the gymnastic balls in movement training and therapy since 1988.
  • Student and researcher of SOMATIC EDUCATION IN NATURE since 1992.
  • Author of books, documents and videos on Somatic Education and others. See RESEARCH
  • Animator in cultural events through singing, dancing, story-telling.

“I teach the latinoamerican dances through the exploration of its Amerindian, Africans and Spanish roots, thus stimulating universal arquetypes totally contemporary in today’s popular dances.” N.G.

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