Non-violent communication and community

By July 2009 I wanted to study non-violent communication (NVC) and started reading the Spanish translation of the first edition of Marshall Rosenberg’s classic book which was loaned by a colleague. It was hard to maintain the motivation to read it without the practice with someone.

Several months later, by January 2010, Letitia Sisters, an American horsewoman who has been studying non-violent communication in her native Vermont and likes to teach it, came to stay in the Studio for three months of rest and recuperation. Wow! We traded our skills and held regular meetings on NVC and when she left I kept feeling the need to deepen the subject with others. Then she came back in January 2011. Wow! I could deepen my practice.

She left a week ago and to my great joy, the NVC teachings are coming to Montezuma, directly from the Rasur Foundation, the people in charge of imparting them to all of Costa Rica. Here their own description:

BePeace Introductory Workshops provide a great introduction to Rita Marie Johnson’s Peace Story, the National Model of Peace she helped create in Costa Rica and the BePeace practice. As a participant, you will learn about Heart-Brain Coherence and be introduced to the Quick Coherence technique.

You will also be introduced to the Nonviolent Communication model, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, and see a demonstration of Feelings & Needs Cards. You will also see a live demonstration of Institute of HeartMath’s emWave Software.

Thanks to all involved and I am looking forward to deepen my practice with people in the community and with coming visitors. Yeah!

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